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:iconcommentplz: Will You Please Comment Before You Fave I'm Getting Really Impatient about this!


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I literally worked on this on my way home from Ocean City, Maryland. But I wrote it on paper first.

Also this will have no effect on the official Star Trek Timeline (I'm putting that last part because people think I'm trying to ruin Star Trek, I meant no offense to anyone, I am just thinking realistically)

That being said Let's begin.

Subject: Andorian...
Redesign Main Feature: Body and Society Changed to have subtle insect-like qualities
  • Compound eyes resembling those from "The Fly II" when Eric Stoltz Plucked out one of his human eyes revealing the insect-like eye underneath.
  • The Nose is replaced with a small proboscis
  • The Mouth is much like that of an Ant in that it has both an opening and pincers
  • Number of arms has been increased to two pairs of arms.
  • The Hair on the head of the Andorians will resemble sense hairs like those found on flies, the however do not serve that function however the down-like body hair does.
  • They will have a Chitin exoskeleton that can protect them from phaser blasts ranging from light stun to Heat 1 (Settings 1 thru 4)
  • They will have digitigrade legs to give them a more alien feel to them.
  • They Reproduce using eggs (Meaning they do not give birth to live young) The Chan (Male 1) Fertilizes the Eggs, The Shen (Female 1) is the one who lays the egg, Then the Thaan (Male 2) and Zhen (Female 2) then care for the children from the time the eggs are laid to maturity.
  • Their Society is similar to those of Ant Colonies found on Earth however they do not have a hive mind, instead there are three castes that comprise of their society, There is the "Royal" caste meaning there's Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses. The "Worker" Caste meaning Everyday Civilians and the "Soldier" caste meaning those who serve in either Starfleet or the Andorian Imperial Guard (Which only has authority on Andor alone) Also the Queens do not have anything to do with the entire race's procreation process
  • When badly injured they can enter a Self-Induced hibernation which will slow down their metabolism so that they can survive long enough to receive medical treatment. (I still need to work out a suitable defense mechanism for when they are in this state)
  • Their Blood is Cobalt based meaning that when Exposed to Oxygen their Blood becomes a Rich Blue whereas deoxygenated blood is a dull blue.
  • Thaan and Chaan (Male) Andorians can reach heights of up to 7' 3". Zhen and Shen (Female) Andorians can reach a height of up to 6' 9".

If anyone has any helpful suggestions please do not hesitate to share them.

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So the other night I went to sleep and I vividly remember browsing the interwebz when I came across an advertisement for "Venom: Lethal Protector" and it was to be in Anime format, When I woke up I thought "I gotta share this with my buddies on dA". Let me know what you think about this.

Until Next time, Ranz-Man out.

PS:Symbiote Spider-Man emoticon:eddievenomplz:Venom II emoticon staticVenom III emoticon staticVenom IV emoticon static
PPS: Credit goes to :devorionstarboy: for the Emoticons shown here.
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The Tressaurian Intersection episode of "Starship Exeter" is finally finished, And I gotta say it was amazing. Here it is for you guys to watch--
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I don't know what to say, I can't believe he's gone, May his Soul Live into the 23rd Century and Beyond.

This is the music I think of whenever I think about it.
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For dA's 14th birthday I'm making a journal explaining how I got into dA.

It was Sophomore year in High School when I first started considering Joining dA, I loved seeing all of the art that was being posted and I also wanted to expand my audience to people around the World, I've Been microing since middle school and I loved showing my art to other people so I thought this would be the next logical step for my Artistic Endeavors and so Here I am.

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Real Life Me:
There's Nothing special about what I do, I mainly focus on Drawing, or Microheroes, or comics, It depends on what I'm in the mood for doing, I also suffer from Asperger's Syndrome…, It's made my life somewhat of a living nightmare, I'm also a big fan of Marvel comics like Spider-Man Because I like to help the community for free, and I like helping Animals who were unfortunate victims of abuse or neglect, that is something I am very Passionate about, I also like messing with my Johnny Satchel Fan-character making him different characters, that's pretty much all I have to say.

An now for something completely different:…

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