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Goodbye... by SpiderTrekfan616
"Somehow a Dalek survived the destruction of it's race and found it's way to My new home which started a big fight with Me, everyone in Amestris, Ishval and Xerxes, I found myself fighting the Lone Dalek alongside friends that I knew only for a few weeks and I was the first target, It shot me with it's gunstick and killed my previous body, Fortunately I managed to kill it with a blast of my regeneration energy, I said 'Good-bye... My Friends...' and then I passed out. Later on I woke up in a hospital in this new body. with my friends looking over me. I was so lucky to have them as friends. And I'm glad to leave that life behind, It's time to start a new chapter of my life and pull my life back together."

The Bishop's Description of the events leading up to his regeneration.
Commadore-Shuey U.S.S. Enterprise-D crew Season 2 by SpiderTrekfan616
Commadore-Shuey U.S.S. Enterprise-D crew Season 2
And Now an Excerpt from the Deviation this is based off of--


Commanding Officer: Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Human Male
Executive Officer: Commander Mackenzie Calhoun, Xenexian Male
Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Geordi La Forge, Human Male
Assistant Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Sita Rodau, Bajoran Male
Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant Selar, Vulcan Female
Assistant Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant JG Orlando Stapleton, Canian Male
Chief Nurse: Ensign Alyssa Ogawa, Human Female
Ship's Counselor/Diplomatic officer: Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi, Human/Betazoid Hybrid
Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant Rhoda sh’Aqabaa, Andorian Shen
Assistant Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant Chip, Android Neuter (Anatomically Male)
Chief Security officer: Lieutenant Natasha Yar, Human Female
Assistant Chief of Security: Lieutenant JG Jack Rockwell, Thanagarian Male
Security Officer: Ensign Hrann M'Tres, Caitian Male
Chief Flight Controller: Lieutenant JG Ro Laren, Bajoran Female
Chief Operations Manager: Lieutenant Commander Lore, Android Neuter (Anatomically Male)
Assistant Operations Manager: Lieutenant JG Orshana, Shokan Female
Chief Tactical officer: Lieutenant JG Jonathan "Jack" Satchel Jr.
Starfleet Tactical Advisor: Admiral Reginald Ranor
Starfleet Science Advisor: Admiral Kitana Ranor
Starfleet Marine Advisor: Admiral Jade Ranor

Enterprise seems to be synonymous with mystery, intrigue, and, on occasion, cowboy diplomacy.  Case in point, their encounter with a brand new species that decided to introduce itself to the crew.  Q of the Q continuum put humanity on trial for being a dangerously inferior race.  Picard was worried putting Calhoun in charge of this project, but Calhoun proved that his wild side was tamer than when he was a youth.  He succeeded in proving the ship and Farpoint Station were alien creatures.  The first year of a new Captain on a Starship is the proving point for that Captain and how well the crew acts under him.  Jean-Luc Picard is strong man and there was no doubt in anyone’s mind he could handle the name and Legacy of Enterprise.

Not too long after the incident with Q, the Enterprise came upon the Tsiolkovsky which had come in contact with a mutated version of the Psi 2000 virus.  It affected the entire crew including Lore and Selar.  While under the influence of the Virus she spent a passion filled night with Jonathan Satchel.  After she found a cure to the disease, rather than kicking him to the curb, she decided to see where the future would lead and continued her relationship with him.

As time passed they had many more experiences both strange and bizarre.  Tasha rejecting the advances of a planetary leader, finding the last outpost of a dead civilization, the return of the U.S.S. Stargazer bringing the Enterprise and Excelsior crews together, alone with the old crew of the Stargazer that had still survived.  These missions and more led to finding a planet which had a creature on it made of pure hate and evil.  The creature attempts to kill Tasha, but thanks to Admiral and Doctor Ranor, they saved her life with a solar shield and using medication to make the creature think her heart had stopped.  Back on the Enterprise, Selar was able to bring her back to life, much to Laren’s joy.

The crews of the Enterprise, Excelsior and Laertes had to deal with aliens that tried to take over the Federation from the inside.  Afterwards, Karone’s birth mother was reunited with her daughter only to have the Orion businessman that came with her murdered.  Karone took the blame and an investigation led jointly by Tasha, Worf, and Epson along with some help from Satchel and Selar proved her innocence.  The three Captains, Picard, Crusher and Mead, had a mock trial for Karone while the Security chiefs investigated.  In the end, it was the Orions who wanted her back that murdered their own dignitary.  They were arrested and Karone exenterated.

As the first year came to a close, Tasha gained an assistant Chief of Security.  His name is Jack Rockwell and he’s from the planet Thanagar.  In addition a young Ensign on her staff has begun to impress her.  His name is Hrann M'Tres, a Caitian.  He wants to do all he can as a Security Officer, so Tasha took him on as her special project, to train him to eventually take the position of Chief of Security.  Lore also receives an assistant chief to his position at Ops.  Lieutenant Junior Grade Orshana of Edenia is a Shokan officer.  She is happy to serve under Lore as she respects the man he is not the machine many others see him as.  Finally, a Cryomancer of the Lin Kuei by the name of Icicle gets a promotion to Marine Captain and transfer to the Enterprise as Kasant’s Marine XO.  But that wasn’t the only surprise for the Enterprise Crew.  The Romulans returned to be a major force in the galaxy once again.

As the next year began, Selar turned down a position at Starfleet Medical to stay aboard the Enterprise.  Troi continued wearing the skirt uniform because it felt comfortable to her.  Ro had worked hard the year before and felt she had deserved a promotion, but she was blocked by Starfleet Command, despite Picard’s recommendation.

Deanna soon becomes pregnant and in a short span has the child, he grows up and it is discovered that the child was an alien creature that wanted to study humans.  Later, Geordi helped design a character to challenge Lore’s mind and deductive skills.  After some time had passed, Lore discovered there was another Soong-type android, but this one was being treated more like a machine and a tool than as a person so he fought for the rights of a brother he didn't know he had.  It ended up being a long and tough fight, but soon Chip was allowed to leave the institute and live aboard the Enterprise joining the Science department under Rhoda.  He was given a commission from the Daystrom institute and carried it with him to Enterprise.

Chip had time to make friends with a young alien girl after receiving a distress call.  The Excelsior also comes to investigate and young Wesley leads a team in discovering a way to save the girl’s planet.  In the end, however, she must forget Chip, but Chip will never forget her.  Not long after that, Q takes the crew to the Delta Quadrant and introduces them to the Borg.  The encounter has dire consequences and Starfleet Command begins working on countermeasures for the Borg.  Deanna’s mother comes for a visit aboard the Enterprise s her sister gets a little vacation from the Excelsior to visit the Enterprise.

The year drew slowly to an end this time, and the crews of all three ships now look to the future with eager anticipation.

Star Trek and All Related elements (c) Gene Roddenberry, Paramount Pictures and CBS Studios
Revamped Star Trek TNG and All Related Elements (c) Commadore-Shuey and yours truly.:D

PS to Commadore-Shuey: I'll add the others when I can

The Bishop in the Last Great Time War by SpiderTrekfan616
The Bishop in the Last Great Time War
IN the Last Great Time War, The Bishop's mood drastically changed, his appearance reflected that change, his hair became more disheveled, he started wearing dark clothes and he grew a goatee, as a result of this change he became more ruthless towards anyone he fought and killed them without mercy, later on he upgraded his sonic multitool to be used as a laser, He managed to escape the annihilation of the Time Lords and Daleks and wandered aimlessly and created a perception filter extender so that no one notices him when he's on other planets, He eventually became tired of travelling and settled down on a backwater planet and vowed to never travel through time and space again and to reinforce this promise he murdered his TARDIS and bought a house in a small town called Risembool.
FMA OC Dom Oranzi by SpiderTrekfan616
FMA OC Dom Oranzi
Name (last, first): Oranzi, Domenic

Nickname(s): Too many to think of at the moment

Age: 21

Species: Human (with auto-mail)

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Birthday: June 4

Life Story: I was an unwilling victim of Human alchemy which took my left arm and left leg, A few days later I was given an offer from Rockbell Automail for replacements and became friends with the local state alchemist Ed Elric.

About Him/Her

Personality: Intellegent, Artistic, Humorous, Creative.

Good Habit(s): Helps animals, Jokes around, Cares about the people around him

Bad Habit(s): Cracking my neck, sleeping a lot, eating a lot, alchemic vandalism, Drinking bourbon, Rambles.

Like(s): Drawing, Cracking jokes, Graffiti, teasing Ed about his height, insulting Roy Mustang, Music.

Dislike(s): Vegetables, The Military.

Hobbies: Drawing, talking, and reading graphic novels.

Fear(s): Heights, Dying, Lightning.

Strength(s): I'm good with technology, I like to work with my hands.

Weakness(es): Lightning (Thank you automail) water (again thank you automail)

Special Powers/Abilities: My Alchemy, My artistic talents (including my graffiti, oops did I say that out loud?)

Extras: I have a nasty temper.

Dreams and Talents

Ambition/Life-long Dream: Illustrating Graphic Novels.

Occupation/Job: Current alchemist and artist

Family and Friends

Parent(s): Carole and Ron

Sibling(s): Bob

Relative(s): N/A

Pet(s): A Female White Cat named Asteri

Best Friend(s): Ed Elric, Winry Rockbell-Elric and Alphonse Elric.

Friend(s): Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye, Jean Havok, The Truth (Strangely enough) and Greed

Crush(es): Riza Hawkeye

Rival(s): Roy Mustang.

Enemies: The homunculi (aside from Greed)

Fullmetal Alchemist Information

Are you an Alchemist?: Yes.

Alchemist Title: The Iron Alchemist

Are you part of the State Military?: Hell No.

Military Ranking: N/A

Skills in Alchemy: 7/10

Are you a fighter or healer?: Fighter mainly, I do know a little bit about medicinal alchemy.

Weapon(s): My auto-mail. I have a lighter hidden in the index finger.

Looks and Appearance

Body Type/Looks: I'm average height, my hair is brown shoulder length and tied in a ponytail my skin is an olive tone that is pretty pale as a result of being indoors a lot.

Blood Type: O+

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 167lbs

Outfit(s): I usually wear a green beater and blue jeans.

Accessories: I wear an ignition glove on my right hand, the finger lighter is a backup in case my glove is destroyed or soaked.

Makeup: I'm a guy you idiot!

Scent: Uh, Fresh?

Hairstyle(s): medium length tied into a ponytail.

Scars, Tattoos, Jewelry and/or Piercings: I have scarring where the automail meets my body, I have the flamel tattoo that's on Ed's jacket and Al's Shoulder armor, It's on my right arm. I wear a watch because I like to keep track of the time.

Extra Information

Theme Song/Quote: Either "Shoot to thrill" by AC~DC, "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath.

Favorite Food(s): Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and Rice

Favorite Color(s): Green, Red and Black

Favorite Number(s): Unknown, but I hate the number 47 because it shows up everywhere I go.

Favorite Season(s): I'm into seasons like Spring, Summer and Autumn

Favorite Holiday(s): I'd say Christmas.

Favorite Time of Day: Midday to late at night.

Theme: Pyromaniac, Artistic, Witty

What would you like to happen? [Any specific ideas? Anything particular that you'd like to happen? It can just be a word, too. Something for me to work from.]: Finally beat Roy Mustang in a Flame Alchemy contest

Character Opinions [What Your OC thinks about the characters]

Good Guys

Elric Family

Edward Elric: He's a great friend, I respect him and he knows I'm only joking when I crack a short joke!

Alphonse Elric: A fellow animal lover, We both like taking in animals!

Trisha Elric: Unfortunately I never met her but I hear that she was a very kind person.

Hohenheim of Light: He sounded like a complete Arschloche.


Rosé Thomas: She's not bad looking!

Winry Rockbell: My engineer and gives great advice regarding minor repairs to my arm and leg.

Pinako Rockbell: She has a lot of energy for an old lady.

Sheska: She's nice in her own way.


Alexander Louis Armstrong: Keep him away from me.

Izumi Curtis: Very attractive without a doubt.

Basque Gran: …Who?

Lyra: Excuse me?

Dr. Tim Marcoh: He's really clever when it comes to medicinal alchemy!

Roy Mustang: Me and him are kinda rivals regarding our flame alchemy.

Russell and Fletcher Tringum: What arschloches, they use Ed and Al's names to get access to the materials to make Red Water.

Shou Tucker: Another Arschloch.

State Military

Frank Archer: Meh.

Heymans Breda: Meh.

Denny Brosh: Meh.

Vato Falman: Meh.

Kain Fuery: I'll make an exception since he loves dogs!

Jean Havoc: Like him, I'm a sucker for Big Boobs…

Riza Hawkeye: She is so hot when she holds a gun!

Maës Hughes: I cracked up whenever he would talk about his daughter and wife.

Maria Ross: Oh yes!

Yoki: Meh.


Dorochet: Really, a Dog Chimera?

Loa: Meh.

Martel/Marta: Hmm.


Scar: I feel sorry for him, losing everyone and everything he loved.

Scar's Brother: Never met him, but Scar speaks very highly of him

Random People

Selim Bradley: Can you say Linda Blair?

Sig Curtis: He's a real great guy, and I do everything I can to not piss him off.

Knox: He's not a real bad guy.

Nina Tucker: Al told me about what happened to her, Like I said before about her father, He's a real Arschloch!

Bad Guys

Father and His Homunculi

Father: He is one sick bastard, Makes me wonder what Truth did to him

Lust: Humana, humana, humana, humana, humana.

Gluttony: Me and him are alike regarding how much we eat.

Envy: I wouldn't have let up in my attack for what he did to Hughes and in Ishval!

Wrath: He can die for all I care!

Sloth: No Comment

Greed: I don't really mind him.

Pride: Screw him!

Other Bad Guys

Zolf J. Kimblee: Screw him

Bido: I don't know him.

Barry the Chopper: But him, I never forget a Voice, number Sixty-Six

Fullmetal Alchemist and all related elements (c) Hiromu Arakawa
Dom Oranzi by me.
  • Mood: Lazy
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Knowing about my plan of having Lady Octopus in my Crimson Spider Fanfic Adaptation of the PS1/N64/Dreamcast/PC Spider-Man video game, I want to see what you guys come up with regarding a design merging Carnage with Lady Octopus. For those of you unfamiliar with her, Here's a link to read up on her.

This Challenge has no limit as to how long it will be so feel free to take your time on your piece.
On an Unrelated note, I just found a really funny video on youtube.
  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: Various Star Trek Themes
  • Reading: Edge of the Spider-Verse Issue 2
  • Watching: Eddsworld
  • Playing: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • Drinking: Gatorade
Knowing about my plan of having Lady Octopus in my Crimson Spider Fanfic Adaptation of the PS1/N64/Dreamcast/PC Spider-Man video game, I want to see what you guys come up with regarding a design merging Carnage with Lady Octopus. For those of you unfamiliar with her, Here's a link to read up on her.

This Challenge has no limit as to how long it will be so feel free to take your time on your piece.
On an Unrelated note, I just found a really funny video on youtube.
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  • Listening to: Various Star Trek Themes
  • Reading: Edge of the Spider-Verse Issue 2
  • Watching: Eddsworld
  • Playing: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
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Facts about the Crimson Spider and his Brother.

The Crimson Spider/Domenic Oranzi:
  • He tends to ramble at times.
  • On the surface he may seem to be an ass but that's just because he's very insecure.
  • He has Acrophobia (the fear of heights)this means he often swings close to the ground.
  • He has Major Anger issues which lead to him lashing out at anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby.
  • He has Asperger's Syndrome which makes him very very withdrawn and is very selective about who he calls a friend.
  • Unbeknownst to anyone around him, he has nightmares about the day his brother was crippled.
  • His Right eye is nearsighted to the point that he can only see half a foot away. His Left eye is fine.
  • He might not show it much in public but he cares a lot about his brother.
  • He looks more like his father whereas his brother looks more like his mother.

Bob Oranzi:
  • His Left leg was severely damaged requiring amputation, this also compromised his ability to work, in the future he will be fitted with a bio-synthetic leg to replace his old one.
  • He wears long pants to keep people from seeing his false leg. However he does have a badass cane to help him walk.
  • His Favorite Band is Led Zeppelin.
  • People often joke about his beard due to how long he grew it. Dom often says it looks like something out of Duck Dynasty.
  • He'll blast his music sometimes just to annoy Dom adn his symbiote.
  • Bob and Dom pick on each other all the time, in a brotherly way of course.
  • He often has night terrors about the day he lost his leg.
I plan on making a "Reversed morality" version, If anyone wants to help me you can.

PS: The Thing about my brother's leg is just artistic and dramatic licensing, he has both legs IRL.
  • Mood: Lazy
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  • Reading: Edge of the Spider-Verse Issue 2
  • Watching: Eddsworld
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A funny thing happened to me this morning, I literally rolled out of my bed and slammed my left ass cheek onto a whole bunch of wires and that sort of crap, and the funny thing is that it didn't wake my mom up.:XD:

Leave a comment to tell me if you've ever rolled out of your bed.
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  • Drinking: Gatorade

I hope you Guys get a laugh out of this. and please :iconcommentplz:
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Ladies and gentlemen and all androgynous species, have you guys ever noticed how fast the Saucer Separation takes in Star Trek Online, It seems to take 5 seconds at the most whereas when it was shown in TNG it took around 35 to 40 seconds to complete the saucer sep, Even though it would be a tactical disadvantage for the separation to be that long in STO don't you guys think that the Saucer sep should be like that in Canon, The Stuff that occurs in a saucer sep is as follows and this is a quote from "The Arsenal Of Freedom"

Battle Bridge Computer Voice: Main Latch Mags to Zero. Main Latch retraction: One to one eight, initiate. Static Charge: Compensated.

BTW: If anyone has any ideas as to what all of these computer verbal readouts are for please let me know.

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Domenic Oranzi, Time Lord of Gallifrey, is now known as The Bishop.
Holiday Card Project Stamp by HeidiI Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeattedigital-artists stamp by CookiemagiK:MS Paint: by Minty-HippoSlow Reply STAMP by ni-shi-kiaspergers stamp by otakulottie

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