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Bry-Sinclair's Year Of Hell Survivors by SpiderTrekfan616 Bry-Sinclair's Year Of Hell Survivors by SpiderTrekfan616
The Survivors from the Year of Hell

Excerpt from :iconbry-sinclair:

In the original Voyager series, it was a two-parter at the end of which everything was reset and the ship carried on as normal. In the ReBoot, the Year of Hell against the Krenim does occur over a two episodes (which spans almost a full year), but at the end things aren't reset. The ship is left with severe damage and heavy casualties. The episode ends with the U.S.S. Voyager landing on a planet in order to make repairs. What follows would be a three of four episode arc dealing with the aftermath of the Year of Hell, as well as discovering that they aren’t the only Starfleet ship lost in the Delta Quadrant (and I’m not meaning the Equinox).

Year of Hell Survivors:
Captain William Riker – With his ship crippled, many of his crew wounded and over a dozen dead, he has a lot to face as repair work begins.

Lieutenant Commander Veronica Stadi – With the loss of Commander Ro Laren and Lt. Commander Tuvok being incapacitated, she assumes the position of Acting First Officer.

Lieutenant Sean Liam Hawk – With the ship marooned on an uninhabited world, he leads expeditions into neighbouring systems to find materials and supplies the crew need for repairs.

Lieutenant B’Elanna Torres – Leading repairs and reconstruction of the battle damaged Voyager, she pushes herself and her staff to exhaustion to get the work done.

Lieutenant JG Ezri Tigan – With the crew having lost so much, her expertise is in great demand, especially as some choosing to bury themselves in work, rather than face their feelings.

Lieutenant JG Sam Lavelle – After being beamed aboard the Krenim’s temporal weapon, he missed the brutal assaults that Voyager suffered, but he is more than ready to do his part.

Chief Petty Officer Neelix – Given a battlefield commission, he was appointed Acting Chief of Security after Lt. Commander Tuvok was incapacitated.

Kes – With the loss of the EMH Program, she has become the most skilled medic onboard and is doing all she can to see to those injured over the Year of Hell.

Seven of Nine – Still new to Voyager, he is now witness to how the crew pulls together to repair the ship and support each other through their collective loss and grief.

Lieutenant Commader Jonathan Francis Satchel Junior: After the 5th to last attck his Mechanical Arm was severely Damaged pushing Captain Riker out of the path of a falling beam, he can still operate consoles with his good hand, so Captain Riker Gave him the Benefit of the doubt and allowed him to fill in for Tuvok Coordinating Damage control and Weapons repair and restock.

Lieutenant Commander Tuvok – He was blinded whilst studying an undetonated chroniton torpedo fragment lodged in the hull, and without the Doctor’s expertise he has been put on medical leave.

Year of Hell Casualties:
Commander Ro Laren – Along with Lieutenant JG Sam Lavelle, she was abducted by the Krenim temporal weapon. Whilst onboard she learned how the weapon worked, so during the last battle she managed to sabotage it, but was killed in action whilst doing so.

The Doctor – As Voyager took more and more damage throughout the year, many systems were damaged, computer data lost and sections of the ship rendered uninhabitable; this included Sickbay. The EMH Programme was destroyed, leaving the ship without a doctor.

So Whaddya Think of this format of the Year of Hell Survivors?
Starfleet Uniforms Courtesy of :iconhenshindaisuke: [link]
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